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Summer Tax Chatter Issue

We have published our Summer 2014 issue of Tax Chatter!  You can view it in the Archive section of our Newsletter page.  We hope you find the information inside this issue helpful and enlightening.    As always, have a productive day!

About Our Company

The Tax Advantage is a small business that was founded in 1985 and as a small business understands what your small business is up against.   We are an affordable, progressive, forward thinking, relationship driven company that will work hard for you.  So if you are looking for an accounting firm for the first time or are considering 


The Tax Advantage offers accounting and income tax  services tailored to your business and individual needs. We specialize in small business and individual tax returns.  We also provides accounting, payroll, HR and consulting services.  The Tax Advantage has been doing this for over 30 years so we know a thing or two that could help your business grow. **We take a

Business and Individuals

Is the IRS making your life miserable?  Let us get between you and the IRS. Are your records a mess?  We will tidy them right up. Do you have years of unfiled Tax Returns?  We can get you back into compliance. Are you being audited?  Let The Tax Advantage deal with the IRS. Do you